Sunday, January 17, 2010

Company trip - Rompin Lanjut Resort

Long time never updated my blog, recently i so retarded to blog! but anyway, I will continue it by this coming month! Last year was been a busy year for me! But I will promise, I will have my blogging time over here and share my stories! hehe~~

Ya, This time my company trip were going to Rompin a place where belong to a small state in Malaysia that located in Pahang! We went there for holidays , not bad and we have enjoy it too..

As for me, not that kind of fun i can relies.. Well, just don't mention my pass time in Terrengganu. It so sucks to me while having a "Village life" that i can't even imagine. So I promise myself I wont go to those village place anymore.Sigh.....

Never mind times pass so.. Bottom are my company trip picture's.. Hope you guys enjoy it~

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