Monday, April 26, 2010


I remember , when i was young (primary school time), I saw my pass how silly am i! I really those pass moment that already pass for ages! People who know me already grown up, and really hope to meet them someday.

I remember my childhood friend Shirley , we know since we were 6 years old. That time, We play a lot of games like coca cola, batu seremban, deck cards even festive season we play lantern and candles on Mid-autumn festival. So miss that moment, I hope to see Shirley again! :)

My dear dear primary school friends, the most memorable memories I ever kept in my mind. Recently I found them back from Facebook, we are planning to have gathering on the coming 1st of May.
Primary Classmates

Christina - My very first friend, she's the funniest and sexiest girl I ever know since primary. The last I met her was in a shopping mall, gosh! she is more sexier than last time I met her and she become more slim (I'm so ashamed that myself become worst - Fatter) URRGH~~ So jealous!

Banana(Nana Ng) - The second craziest friend, I ever met! Never met after graduate from primary. But I still miss her and I remember her nickname that i use to call her in primary. Seem she don't really like when i call her nickname. Now, she become the coolest friend , that her job is involved with those modeling stuff. Glad to met her back from facebook.

Soon Li - The third friend in the geng, quite and a bit blur blur since I know her from primary. I don't know her movement well, but she really a great girl and her job not bad as a accountant(good in counting money) gosh! Did I owe you money?? Hope not! hehe...

Wei Xian - This guy , not bad also. I'm not sure what his working at. But for sure, he earn a lot money (I think!). Not much memories from him, but the last I met him was in a Bowling center located at Seremban Parade!

Others, Yong ling, Shee Chee, Pei Chee, San Min, Guo Hui, Di Wei, Zhi Chong, Jian Li, Xiu Shen, Han Wei, Jia Ming, De Liang, Gong Sheng,Wei Jet, Ying Jet and etc. Those I didn't list down , Please do forgive me! Sorry, these names only I remember in my head!

I'm happy and glad , that I met you guys back from Facebook.

Facebook You're the Best!! Thank You so much!!

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