Sunday, June 24, 2012

24062012_Happy Father's Day

Celebrating Father's day with my dad last Sunday. Seem he is happy and I'm glad that now life is more easier. I love my dad so much for last long 24 years been living my life and his the one who take of me and my sister since my mom left us when we are still kids. Tears been treating us around as family tragedy was begun for last few years ago. We are facing so many problems till I need to earn my own saving to futher up my studies. I'm glad and I had stand for what I have right!!

Lastly I wish my dad stay young and healthy for the rest of his life!! Wish all the best to my sister too!! :) ♥♥
Love love~~ :)♥♥ KTHXBYE ♥♥

Happy Father's Day my lovely dad ♥♥

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Henry Tan said...

hoho happy father's day to ur dad too! =p