Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Life started~~~

Hey everyone, is been a while I neglect my blog for almost 3 months i guess! As usual, busy with work!
Today, I felt different which is I had found a new life of stage that I'm going to passing by now! I change my career line.

Is a bit difficulty, how it could be so sudden I change my career line that nothing related with I gain previous knowledge I had.

Banking services line! Wow.. This is people ( I mean those who are really wanted to work in bank la!!) for me is just like, I have no knowledge about banking stuff la.. Anyway, working in bank must be private and confidential! Means, I can't talk about it and mention about it in front no one la.. Including my family etc...

Aiyoo... I need to keep people secret also~ Alamak... So hard also la..

But anyway I glad I found a great job, it also a great start for me... Yea... I'm so damm glad, but my dad doesn't seem happy at all... Never mind la.. as long as I'm happy~  Blahhh~

That's all for today la.. will be updated soon la.. As I'm free la.. :D wakaka~~

Chaoss~~ :D

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